To display event exhibitors on your event website there must be at least one exhibitor level. Levels are used to arrange groups of exhibitors into categories representing varying tiers of support.

Add a level

On the Event tab, select the Exhibitors menu item. Click the "Add Level" button to create your first level. Enter the name of the level you want to add and click the "Add" button.

Note: When you create an event an exhibitor level will automatically be added. Edit the name of this level to suit your event needs.

Once there is a level you can begin adding exhibitors or add additional levels. To return to the Exhibitors screen, where you are able to do both of these actions, click the "Exhibitors" link from the breadcrumb navigation.

Tip: Exhibitor levels are added in the order you create them - with the first level created on top and the following levels appearing in order below. For example, if you create a level called Premium, then a level called Standard, and finally, a level called Light - the levels will appear in the following order:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Light

Tip: Reorganize the order of the levels by grabbing the right-hand icon next to the level name and dragging it into the desired order.

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