You may want certain sessions to be accessible to only some of your attendees. Additionally, there may be some sessions you want to be automatically added to attendees that belong to a certain Pricing Group or have registered with a specific Pass.

How to set up restricted sessions

If a session is restricted it will be available only to a certain group of attendees. If you want to restrict a session you are able to restrict it either based on Pricing Group or on Pass. To do this, click the Sessions menu item on the Scheduling tab. Select the session that you want to add restrictions to. Click the “Advanced” tab and locate the Session Restrictions section.

Use the toggle to select whether you are restricting the session based on Pricing Group or Pass. You are able to add one or multiple Pricing Groups/Passes.

With the “Delete” icon you are able to remove which group(s) or pass(es) have access to this session. Note that if you remove people’s access and they have previously had access to this session they will no longer be able to access the session.

Automatically add the session to an attendee’s schedule

In this section there is also a checkbox which will result in the session to automatically be added to an attendee’s schedule if they are in the selected Pricing Group(s) or registered with the selected Pass(es).

Note: If an attendee has a session already scheduled that overlaps with this session it will take precedence, and this session will not be added to their schedule.

On your event website’s Session Schedule block or Advanced Session Schedule block only sessions without any restrictions set will appear. Once an attendee has registered or signed in they will be able to see all sessions that are associated with their Pricing Group or Pass, depending on above settings.

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