To prevent creating possible conflicts in your attendees' schedules, you are unable to make changes to the time, duration, or location of sessions that already have registered attendees. However, if you must make changes to the time, duration, or location there is an emergency measure that allows you to do this. By force deleting the time slot, you are then able to recreate the time slot with the updated details.

Note: This will remove all registered attendees from the session.

How to force delete a session

  • On the Scheduling tab select the Session Slotter menu item.
  • Hover over the time slot you want to force delete and click the "X" icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • A dialog box asking if you want to delete the session will appear. Select "Delete the timeslot."
  • You'll see a second dialog box asking you to confirm the action - select "Force delete."

WARNING: Force deleting a session will permanently remove all registered attendees from that time slot.

Alert attendees that the session has changed

Once you have deleted the session instance, go to the Messaging tab. You'll notice that an email has been generated with the subject line "{Name of deleted session} has been removed." Click on this email.

All attendees who were removed from the deleted session are added as recipients to this email. Add a custom message that explains that because session details have changed the session they were registered for has been deleted and that they will need to reschedule for the new session. Send the email to alert attendees of the change.

Tip: Include a link to the session schedule and details about the time, duration, and location of the new session so they are able to quickly re-register.

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