To allow for you to have greater control over the look and feel of your event site you have the ability to use custom fonts from Google's free font library on your event site.

Select your custom font

  1. In your browser, open Google's free font library,
  2. Select the font you want to use and then click the red "+" icon. This will add the font to your clipboard.
  3. A dialog will appear at the bottom of your browser window containing the font you have selected.
  4. Click to open and then select the "Customize" tab.
  5. Choose the weights and styles you want to add.

Copy the embed code

  1. Select the "Embed" tab.
  2. From the "Standard" tab on the "Embed" screen, select the URL for the fonts you've selected. As an example, if the HTML snippet is: <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
    Then select only the URL:
  3. Open a new tab in your browser and paste the URL in the address field. This will load the font in CSS format.
  4. Copy this code into a new file in a text editor and save with a .css file extension.

Add your custom code to Attendease

  1. Open your event in Attendease and from the Website tab click Site Settings.
  2. In the "Look + Feel" tab in the "Style" section, drag and drop the .css file that you just created.
  3. In the "Typography" section select the heading or body text you want to customize. From the "Font" drop-down menu select "Other." In the "Custom Font" field type in the name of the font family you chose from Google Fonts (exactly as it appears in the .css file under "font family").
  4. Republish the event site to see your changes.
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