Allow users to get a quick overview of all your current and upcoming event by using the Portal Event Calendar.

Display your Event Calendar

Events in your Organization or Business Unit can be shown either in list or calendar format. On the Event Listing block, you are able to choose between these two options. Click to edit the block, selecting the “Display Options” tab. From the “Display Format for Events” drop-down menu select the calendar option.

Note: The colour scheme of your calendar is dependent on the colour that is set as the “Active Button” colour (as is determined in the Portal Site Settings). Filter colours are, however, set automatically. If no filter has been applied to an event, the colour of the event will be the “Active Button” colour.

Navigating your Event Calendar

As a visitor, it is easy to navigate the event calendar. The mini calendar allows the user to quickly move between months and years, and a small arrow indicates when events are happening. Above the calendar, users are able to choose if they want to view the events happening per day, week, or month.

If your Organization or Business Unit hosts a lot of events, you may want to use filters so users are able to quickly see only the events they are interested in. For more information about how to set up filters for your event calendar, please click here.

When a user clicks an event, a modal with information about the event will open. From here, the user can visit the event site and even go directly to the registration page for that event. Lastly, by clicking the “Subscribe” button a user can download a calendar which will be added to their web calendar.

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