To encourage early registration events and conferences often offer "Early Bird" or "Advance Ticket" pricing options for a period of time. If you want to offer a discounted rate leading up to your event you may want to segment your registration period into separate pricing periods.

Add a Milestone to segment your registration period

To set up your event dates and segment your registration period go to the Event tab and select the Dates menu item. Next, click the "Add Milestone Start Date" button. You need to add a Milestone on the day after you want the previous segment to end. As an example, if I want to set up an Early Bird pricing period that ends on December 31st, I will need to add a Milestone that begins on January 1st.

Creating a new registration segment will allow you to automatically change pass prices at 00:00:00 (midnight) on the first day of the next period. You can set up pricing changes on the Passes or Pricing Groups & Codes screens.

Tip: When you've added a new pricing period, add a label that will help you remember what this pricing period is for so it is clear on the Passes and Pricing Groups & Codes pages.

Configure pricing for each Milestone

You are able to configure the pricing for each of the Milestone periods, i.e. segments of your registration period, from both the Passes and Pricing Groups & Codes screen. Both of these can be found under the Registration tab.

Under each group (on the Passes screen) and under each pass (on the Pricing Groups & Codes) screen there is a section for each registration period with a separate price field. In the price field, add the correct price for every segment of the registration period for each type of pass.

Once a pass has been sold for the active pricing period (as indicated by the "Active" tag) the price will be locked for that pass during that period. This means that once an attendee has bought a pass you are no longer able to change the price of the pass for that period.

Note: Once you've setup pricing for each registration/pricing period the pass price will switch automatically at 00:00:00 on the first day of the next period. If you do not add the correct price (or any price at all) for future pricing periods registrants may have access to passes at the wrong price.

Note: Once a registration segment has expired, you cannot extend it. You will need to create a new segment for as long as you want to "extend" the first segment and then go to the Passes or Pricing Groups & Codes screens and update all of the pricing to accommodate this new pricing period.

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