When managing an event that offers passes for a price you may want to offer a discount if registrants purchase multiple passes. This can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Passes screen and ensure that the pass(s) you want to offer a volume-based discount for have a price.

2. Go to the Registration Options screen and ensure that you have enabled the Multiple Attendees feature which allows a single registrant to register attendees other than themselves. To be enabled, this feature must have 2 or more passes selected.

3. Return to the Passes screen. Now you will be able to set a volume-based discount for each pass with a price. You may add a discount for each Pricing Group each pass is enabled for as well as a different discount for each quantity of passes.

To add a discount select a pass, then select the "Add Volume Discount" button under an enabled pricing group.

Next, input the minimum number of passes required to qualify for the discount and the percentage the registrant will save on their pass purchase.

You may select the "Add Volume Discount" button again to offer discounts for other thresholds.

Finally, make sure you save your changes.

4. Now when viewing the Pass Selection screen on your event website there will be a tool tip ("View Volume Discounts") next to the pass price which will display the discounts available.

5. If the registrant selects a number of passes that meets one of the discount thresholds (adds an appropriate number of attendees each with the same pass) then the discount will be applied to all of the passes and can be reviewed on the payment screen.

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