During registration, you can ask attendees to submit additional files by using the File Upload component on the Registration Form screen. You can configure this to accept one or multiple types of documents. Use the Profile Photo component to automatically map uploaded photos to registrants' attendee profiles.

Change or delete an uploaded file

If an attendee has uploaded the wrong file, wants to edit the file, or just wants to remove it you are able to do it on behalf of the person, or they are able to do so themselves.

How to edit or delete the file as an event admin

Locate the Attendee Profile that you want to update and select the Form Answers tab. Click the “Choose a file” field to replace the existing file with a new one. If you want to delete the file, click the “Delete” icon. For images you can click and drag the image to crop it as desired and use the "Zoom" slider to zoom.

Note: If the field is set as required on the Registration Form a new file must be uploaded. If a field is required it will be indicated when the file is deleted.

How to edit or delete the file as an attendee

When the attendee signs into their account they can access their information from the “My Registration” option in the top-right corner or from the “Manage Registration” button.

From their account, attendees can click the “My Registration” tab, where they are able to update or delete files in the same way as is described above.

Note: The “Allow attendees to update registration info” option on the Registration Options screen must be enabled in order for attendees to update their information.

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