In your event venue, there may be certain rooms that are more appropriate for particular types of session. Using filters, you can add constraints to what type of sessions can be scheduled in particular rooms. On this screen, you can also see what the capacity of each room is.

How to add room constraints

To add constraints to event venue rooms navigate to the Scheduling tab and select the Room Constraints menu item. To be able to add room constraints you must first have created at least one filter and filter item. With the "Select Venue" button you can choose to view rooms in all of the venues or only the selected venue.

On the right-hand side of the screen, select the constraint (i.e. filter and item) that you want to apply to a room. Simply drag and drop the constraint onto the room(s) you want it to apply to. If you have added constraints to a room, only sessions with those filters are able to be scheduled in that room.

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