The Session Attendance screen - found under the Scheduling tab - provides session level attendee management. Get an overview of all sessions including session date and time, code, name, and capacity. You are also able to manage session waitlists from this screen.

Select a session to view the attendee list for each session, to manually check in attendees, enable or disable waitlists, or to export attendee lists.

To export an attendee list, select the Export Attendees button on the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will be presented with two options:

  • Include registration form answers
  • Include the full schedule for all matching attendees

If you select neither of these options the report will include:

  • The basic registration details for each attendee
  • Details about the session (session name, description, start and end time, speakers, etc,
  • Session specific details for each attendee (scheduled vs. checked-in, time when scheduled, time when checked-in, time when added to waitlist

If you select include registration form answers each attendee's registration form answers will be included in the export.

If you select include the full schedule for all matching attendees it will include the attendee's full schedule.

A dialog will appear asking if you would like to wait for the export to complete or if you would like to be notified via email once the download is completed.

Tip: The time it takes to finish generating a download will depend on the amount of data that exists, i.e. the more attendees you have the longer it will take. We recommend selecting the "Email me" option.

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