The majority of attendees purchase passes securely online with their credit cards. However, in some cases it may be necessary for an event administrator to manually register attendee payments that are not managed automatically within Attendease. These include:

  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Purchase Order
  • Money Order
  • Cash

Note: All transactions performed on an attendee's credit card must be done by the attendee themselves. For security reasons Attendease does not store any attendee credit card information. A third party processor called Stripe is used to manage this information.

Situations in which you may need to manually register payment

There are a few situations where it might be necessary to manually register a payment for an event attendee.

  • Your event has been set up to accept payment methods other than by credit card. Since only credit card payments are automatically managed, you must manually register the payment in order to keep your accounting updated in Attendease.
  • Your event only accepts credit card payments but a change to the attendee's pass or promo code has triggered an additional cost for your attendee to pay. In this case, the attendee can pay with their credit card via the event website. Or, if you have negotiated to receive this additional payment another way, you can register said payment manually.

How to manually register non-credit card payment methods

On the Registration tab click the Attendees menu item to see a list of all attendees registered for your event. Select the attendee that you want to manually register having received payment from. Scroll down to find the "Register a Payment" section.

To register a non-credit card payment:

  1. In the "Amount" field enter the amount in the currency of your event - the currency symbol is not required.
  2. Select the payment type from the "Type" dropdown menu. This will group your manual payments for reporting purposes as well as tag the specific payment for reference.
  3. Enter any notes you would like to appear alongside this manual payment in the "Notes" field. This note will also appear on the attendee's invoice.
  4. Click the "Register Payment" button and confirm the action in the dialog box.

The registered payment will appear on the attendee screen as well as in your financial summaries and reports.

The attendee will see the payment and note via their "View Order/Invoice" tab.

Note: Event administrators are unable to manually register credit card payments, which means that if an attendee wants to pay an outstanding balance by credit card you are unable to do this for them. Instruct the attendee to log on to the event site and navigate to their "Invoice" screen. From here they are able to pay their outstanding balance. Once completed their attendee record will be automatically updated to reflect the payment.

Note: The credit card fee in your plan does not apply to payments registered manually. However, you are still billed the percentage fee in your plan for these.

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