Payout Summary Report

The Payout screen displays your Payment Summary Report, a comprehensive financial breakdown of all the money collected and paid out to date. This report is generated when you open your event registration.

The payment summary report displays a number of important sums.

Overall Event Balance

Amount collected minus taxes and fees.

Payments Sent To You

Amount currently being transferred or already received by you.

Payments Received From You

Amount collected by Attendease for services.

Money Collected

Next, these amounts are further broken down into invoiced amounts, amounts owing, amount collected by Attendease by credit card, amount you have collected through manual payments, and total amounts collected manually and by credit card. These figures are also broken down by payment type.


Attendease collects and pays any government taxes on your behalf, calculated on the amount invoiced without taxes. Your billing address will also help us determine the applicable taxes to charge your attendees. If no address is applied we will charge Canadian GST and British Columbia PST.

Attendease Fees

The Attendease Fees section is a breakdown of the financials we have collected as payment as well as miscellaneous fees such as bank charges and refunds. We collect a static fee per attendee (registered or canceled), a percentage of each pass sold, and a processing fee on credit card transactions.

Payout Sent To You

This is a list of payments from Attendease made to your organization. Note that we will send you your money within 7 days of your event end date.

The Payment Summary report

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