Find the Event Billing and Payment Information screen by clicking the Billing Information menu item on the Registration tab. On this screen, you are able to set which transaction currency to use for the event, select what payment methods are available for the attendee, and customize the event cancellation/substitution policy using the Rich Text Editor.

Transaction currency

You can set the event currency to be one of the below options. You may only select one currency, which will be applied to all transactions for this event.

  • CAD - Canadian Dollars
  • USD - United States Dollars
  • GBP - Pound Sterling
  • Euro

Note: You are only able to change the currency prior to the first transaction. Once a transaction has been completed you cannot change the currency.

If you want to enable multi-currency, please contact your Customer Success Manager or

Payment Methods

Select which payment methods will be made available to attendees when they are registering for your event in this section. By default, only payment by credit card is enabled. However, you can also enable payment by check.

Note: You can choose one or both of the above options. However, at least one must be enabled.

If you enable payment by check an additional section labelled Payment Address will appear. In this section you should enter the address to which the check should be sent to. Learn more about check payments.

Cancellation/Substitution Policy

The following cancellation and substitution copy will appear on the payment screen during attendee registration when payment is required (i.e. this message will not show up for free registrations). Feel free to customize it to adhere to your own organization's policies.

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