The Registration Options screen allows you to make additional decisions and have more control over the registration process. Access it from the Registration tab and then selecting the Options menu item.

On this page you have the option to:

Limit attendee capacity per day
This will set a limit on how many attendees can register per day.

Allow multiple attendees per registration
This option will allow a single registrant to register up to 10 additional people.

Select how free passes are displayed
If your event has free passes, you can choose what is displayed on the pass selection screen. If there is a single, free pass for your event you can choose to skip the pass selection screen. Please note that if the value for Multiple Attendees is greater than 1, the pass screen will always be shown to allow for a quantity selection.

Determine Quick Login redirection behaviour
Check this box if you would like to redirect attendees to their account screen when they use a Quick Login link to login to your event site. If left unchecked they will be taken to your event’s homepage.

Allow attendees to access their accounts
Due to new data privacy regulations, you must provide your attendees with access to their personal information. Learn more about how Attendease protects personally identifiable information.

Allow attendees to update their registration info after they've registered
The "Allow attendees to access their accounts" must be enabled to enable this option. This will allow attendees to login post-registration and update their registration information.

Allow apps and websites to process attendee check-ins

Check this box if you want to allow apps and websites that leverage the Attendease API, including the Attendease event website and mobile app, to check attendees in to the event and to sessions. For example, attendee check-ins are leveraged in the Attendease platform when attendees click to view an online session that has "Watch Now" functionality enabled (set in the Preferences tab of either the Session Schedule or Event Information block in the website builder).

Enable Instant Registration
This function allows returning attendees to register with only one click.

Customize the "Registration Sold Out," "Registration Unavailable," and "Passes Unavailable" message
Customize the various registration messages.

Enable Private Invitations
If you want to ensure that only specified individuals are able to register, select this checkbox. This means that in order to register, an individual has to have received an invitation.

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