For larger conferences and events there is often one person in charge of registering multiple attendees. Make this process easy and efficient by enabling multi-attendee registration.

How to enable multiple attendee registration

You can determine how many registrations can be made at once on the Registration Options screen, under the Registration tab. In the Multiple Attendees section, there is a drop-down menu, from which you can choose the maximum number of registrations that can be made during each registration process. Passes purchased during a multi-attendee registration will be processed by a single invoice.

The maximum number of registrations that can be processed in one transaction is 10. If you want to disable multi-attendee registration, you can effectively do this by setting "1" as the maximum number of tickets processed at once.

Note: When you click "Save" your event website's registration will immediately be updated.

Tip: Once the Multiple Attendees feature has been enabled (ie. the number of passes is set to 2 or more) you are able to provide volume-based pass discounts. To achieve this go to the Passes screen, ensure the pass you want to offer at a discount has a price, save your changes (if necessary) and then select the "Add Volume Discount" button.

To learn more about volume-based pass discount, see our article Can I offer a discount if someone purchases multiple passes?

What your attendees will see

Attendees registering multiple attendees

If you have enabled multi-attendee registration, by selecting a number higher than one, your attendees will have the option of adding as many attendees as you allow to be added. For each attendee that is added the person completing the registration selects a Primary Pass and if required, an Add-On Pass.

The person who is completing the registration will need to fill out the registration form for each of the persons they are registering - starting with their own. Then complete the registration for each of the additional attendees.

Note: If the registrant has a member account with Attendease they will be required to sign in. If not, a member account will be created when they register.

Attendees who have been registered by another attendee

When the registrations are completed, each person that was registered will receive a registration confirmation email. This email will contain a link. Depending on what type of authentication is enabled for the event - and depending on if the person already has a member account - the person may have to sign in with an existing password, create a new password, or sign in with an alternative authentication method.

How to identify attendees who has purchased multiple passes

On the Registration tab, select the Attendees menu item to see a list of all registered attendees. If an attendee has purchased multiple passes a badge indicating how many additional passes they have purchased will appear.

When looking at the attendee profile of a person who purchased multiple passes, an additional tab called "Additional Passes" will appear. On this tab, you can find a list of all the registrations completed by this person, including the other attendees' names, as well as the pass name and price.

Note: You cannot cancel the registration of the person who is the invoice-holder if there are attendees dependent on this invoice still registered. If this needs to be done, please contact

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