As an event manager you likely need to view your registration data in multiple ways and we've made it easy to manipulate your data. To search, filter, and browse attendee profiles select the Registration tab and then the Attendees menu item.

Filter the attendee list

There are a variety of ways to filter the attendee list.

1. Filter by registration status or pass

Use the Status/Pass toggle to filter by registration status or pass. Registration status includes Any, Registered, In progress (registration has started but not completed), Incomplete (registration was started but has been inactive for 20 minutes or more), Cancelled, Waitlisted (is on a pass waitlist). You can filter by any of the active passes created for the event.

2. Filter by checked-in or unpaid

Use the "Checked-in" check box to filter for attendees who have been checked into the event (either manaully, automatically via the Watch now feature, or through the Boomset integration). Use the "Unpaid" check box to filter for attendees with unpaid invoices.

Search the attendee list

Use the search bar to search for an attendee by their first name, last name, their full name, or their email address.

Sort the order of registered attendees after name or by date:

On the Registration tab select the Attendees menu item. Here you will see a list of all registered attendees. To order by name click on the arrows next to "Attendee" and to sort by registration date click the arrow next to "Date." The data will automatically reorder itself making it easy for you to review and use the data in real time.

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