Once you have completed building the registration form, you are able to decide if the attendee can update their information at a later time. In other words, you can choose whether answers submitted through the registration form are one-time answers or if they can be changed by the attendee at any time via the event site.

Allow attendees to update registration information

On the Registration tab, click the Options menu item. On the Registrations Options screen scroll down to find the "Attendee Accounts" section. Ensure that the box by the "Allow attendees to update their registration info after they've registered" option is checked. Click the "Save" button to save your edits.

How attendees update their information

By following these steps you will allow your attendees to manage their accounts when they click the "Manage Your Registration" button. Attendees who are logged into their accounts and click this button will see their account page. They can view and update their registration information by clicking the "Registration Info" tab.

Note: If there are fields added to the registration form after an attendee has already registered they will be displayed here if the function is enabled.

Tip: You are able to update an attendee's registration form answers as an admin by going to that attendee's profile via the Registration tab and the Attendees menu item. Select the attendee's whose information you wish to edit and select the "Form Answers" tab.

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