The first template belonging to the Arbutus theme features a single page layout with a funky, modern design. There are a number of integrated elements you need to be aware of before editing or configuring this template. 

Note! Many of the content blocks in this template use custom CSS. If you edit a block and select the Advanced tab you may see a class or ID present. Do not edit or remove these or else the CSS will not work.

The Featured Content block

The Featured Content block contains custom CSS to present the heading and CTA in a two column format. 

The Navigation

This template uses a navigation that sits below the main marquee (see above).

This navigation is built from a Card Row block and links the user down to the different sections of the page. Each card contains a link that must match the ID of the block/section it links to.

The Card Row block (Navigation)

The Featured Image block (About section)

The Drop Shadow

A number of elements use a drop shadow (speaker profiles and the registration experience for example). The colour used for this is set by the "secondary colour" which is configured on the Look + Feel tab on the General Settings screen.

The Agenda

The Agenda section uses the Simple Schedule block. While you can still use the Advanced Schedule block, it will not include any special formatting specific to this theme.

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