Import a list of names and email addresses to automatically register these individuals for your event. 

How to import attendees

On the Registration tab, select the Attendees option. At the top of this page, there is an “Import Attendees” button. Upload a CSV file that contains the First Name, Last Name, and Email address of the attendee. 

Note: If a value is missing in any of the columns in any given row, the import will succeed but that person will not be properly imported and therefore, not registered. 

After you have selected the file you will need to map the column to the correct field. Select from the drop-down menu to associate the corresponding column and field. 

All uploaded attendees will be assigned to the same Pricing Group, Pass, and if applicable, Add-On Pass. If you want to import and automatically register attendees that belong to different Pricing Groups, or have different Passes, you need to import them with separate CSV files. 

For every upload, you will need to confirm that you are aware that all attendees will automatically be registered for the event. This feature is not to be used to invite people to register as it will complete their registration.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, click the “Import” button for the file to be imported. 

Attendee experience of being automatically registered

Imported attendees will be immediately registered for the event and sent a confirmation email with a link to the event website. Clicking on the link in the email will bring them to a login screen where they can either create a password or login with their existing password if they have attended one of your organization’s events before.

The automatic registration process bypasses some aspects of registration, such as the Registration Form and Payment. However, once an attendee has logged into their account they are able to both pay and fill out the registration form.

When the attendee signs into their account they can complete both of these actions by clicking the “My Registration” option in the top-right corner or from the “Manage Registration” button. 

If there is an outstanding payment, the user can pay this by clicking the “View Order/Invoice” tab. If the user wants to fill out the registration form they are able to do so by clicking the “My Registration” tab. 

Note: The “Allow attendees to update registration info” option on the Registration Options screen must be enabled in order for attendees to update their information.

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